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Equestrians Institute is pleased to offer Education Grants to members

Apply anytime.

What You Need to Know

Please review ALL the rules and details on the grant application itself.

Grants offered by EI's three sports -- Dressage, Eventing, and Driving.

Multiple grants are offered each year, up to $500 each.

You must be a current EI member to apply.

Grants are for EDUCATIONAL purposes only, not competitions.

Applications reviewed & decided by Grants committee.

Please list any volunteering you have done for EI.

Print on paper and mail it in. Or type up answers in any format and email to grants@einw.org  
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Past Winners
Anne Cole (2012, Dressage)
Henrik Johansen Clinic

See Anne's full report above. "We worked on suppling, working toward collection ... getting Sunny supple behind the ear on both the left and right sides."

Polly Kranick (2012, Eventing)
Three Day Clinic with Robin Hahn

See Polly's full report above. "With Robin's emphasis on straightness and correct pace, one develops the tools that are necessary for varied lines and course work."

BJ Higgins (2012, Driving)
Henrik Johansen Instructor's Workshop
BJ has been involved with EI since the late 70s as a dedicated volunteer. She will attend this workshop to continue her own education as an instructor.

Cindy Desmarais (2012, Eventing)
Jimmy Wolford Clinic
Cindy has enjoyed scribing at EI's shows and attending clinics. Cindy looks forward to Jimmy's ability to "create technical and challenging exercises for horses and riders at all levels".

Annika McGivern (2011,Eventing)
Don Sachey Clinic at Polestar Farm
"Don helped me improve my release and had us all thinking on our feet and trying hard to ride to the best of our ability... and how to always have a plan prepared for whatever might happen."

Kameron Cache Smith (2011, Eventing)
Annual Young Riders Camp, Aspen Farms
"Thank you so much EI for helping me attend the camp, and consequently achieve my goal of Novice level with my lovely horse, Buttons!"

Colleen Jones (2011, Dressage)
"I am taking dressage lessons again, thanks to the extra funds from this grant.  It is hard work but oh so worth it! I am inspired!"

Anne Montgomery (2011, Dressage)
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